Anti-Harassment Policy


1 Purpose of the Policy

The purpose of this policy is to prevent any form of harassment at Megatron GmbH. Harassment in the workplace is a serious interference with the personal rights of the individual. ² The affected person’s self-esteem and freedom are impaired, preventing him or her from feeling comfortable at work, contributing his or her skills and performing his or her job to a high standard of quality. This crosses a red line; therefore, harassment is strictly punished at Megatron GmbH in accordance with a zero-tolerance policy.

Megatron GmbH encourages you to report any observed or suspected violations of this policy to, either by providing your name or by using our anonymous reporting box. In no event will sanctions of any kind be taken against the bona fide reporter.


2 Scope of Application

This policy applies to Megatron GmbH. It must be observed by all employees, managing directors, other executives, freelancers and employees of our business partners (customers, suppliers, manufacturers, cooperation partners, service providers, etc.).


3 Prohibition of harassment

Harassment is any behavior that disturbs or threatens another person. This may include taunting, bullying or constantly interfering with another person, as well as offensive remarks about another person’s origin, religion, appearance, gender or sexual orientation. Harassment of this type can occur in person or through electronic means such as phone calls or emails. A special form is sexual harassment, i.e. inappropriate and unwanted sexual advances or sexual discussions. This also includes the unwanted showing and visible display of pornographic images. Harassment is particularly serious if it is carried out by the respective superior or is associated with alleged professional disadvantages in the event of non-toleration.

Any form of harassment is strictly prohibited at Megatron GmbH. It is the responsibility of each individual to ensure a pleasant working atmosphere. Harassment in the workplace is to be refrained from.


4 Consequences of non-compliance with the policy

Failure by a business partner to comply with this policy may result in the immediate termination of all business relationships. Megatron GmbH also reserves the right to claim damages.

Any violation by an employee or a managing director or other executive employee of Megatron GmbH of the requirements of these guidelines will result in measures under labor law up to and including extraordinary termination of the employment relationship without notice. Megatron GmbH also reserves the right to claim damages in this case.


² For reasons of better readability, only male designations are used in the following; this always refers to male, female and diverse persons.

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